Halloween II

(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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Would you be appalled if you went to a church and they had fall decorations?

By ‘fall decorations’ I mean pumpkins, hay bales, and cornstalks. Do you consider those Halloween decorations?

This is a real and serious question. The church my family attends had some complaints about "decorating and supporting Halloween" this week. I’m just curious.

14 Responses to Would you be appalled if you went to a church and they had fall decorations?

  • Selar says:

    That is not Halloween decor. Halloween is black cats, ghosts, spiders, monsters,.skeletons, zombies, witches etc.

  • KT says:

    I’d be appalled at myself for being at a church. D:

  • Ista says:

    Do they decorate for the other seasons as well? After all, it would be a shame to discriminate against summer, or spring, for example.

  • Chase's Mama says:

    I wouldnt think of it as Halloween decorations. Some people put those things on there table for Thanksgiving. People just want to have something to fuss about.

  • Cheshire says:

    I wouldn’t be appalled, a little confused perhaps if they had skeletons, witches and such like but hay bales, pumpkins and cornstalks are actually from Harvest Festival, here in the UK most churches decorate around harvest moon with those things and fruit so I would expect them to be there. Our local church keeps to harvest festival and maybe a pumpkin at the door but nothing scary.

  • Sosumi says:

    No. Autumn celebrations are found in all cultures and why wouldn’t a church want to celebrate the Lord’s bounty? Wouldn’t God be complicit in the success of a growing season bringing prosperity to communities everywhere?

  • Tom says:

    I would more likely be trying to figure out why i’m at a church.

  • Denisedds says:

    I would be appalled just being there.
    Religious people are the narrowest minded, most hypocritical people around and those are just a couple of reasons I do not step into a church except of the occasional wedding or funeral.

  • Madeline -Jesus is my Savior- says:

    Seriously? Those people who complained are nutballs. My church and Christian school has fall decorations all over.

  • Artemis says:

    Unless there were skeletons and bats, I’d think it was in support of ‘fall harvest’, not necessarily Halloween. I wouldn’t care in the least.

  • Moe says:

    No, those are fall decorations. If I had to pinpoint the decorations to a holiday I would say they’re more thanksgiving decorations than halloween decorations.

  • Lil says:

    I’m not overly religious, nor do I support Halloween myself – but to me hay bales and cornstalks are not related to Halloween in the slightest, and neither are pumpkins providing then are not carved.

    I could understand the church hung bats from the ceiling or put a devil mask over a statue of Christ, but what they’re complaining about is a bit over-the-top, in my opinion.

  • Bovine Philanthropist says:

    I go to church and no I would not be appalled

  • Rakastan lapsia says:

    No. My church decorates for Autum. I do not associate hay bales and cornstalks with Halloween…

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