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(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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DreamWorks Halloween

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History of Halloween

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Return to Halloweentown

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The Day After Halloween

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Halloween III

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What’s a great alcoholic punch for a small party?

I’m planning on having a party this Halloween, just a small simple one with about ten or so friends. It’s going to be BYO but I thought I’d also make a bowl or two of punch for everyone to share.

I’m looking for a simple one that uses only one or two different types of alcohol as I’m not going to be making gallons of it – all the recipes I have found so far are full of too many kinds of alcohol in large quantities.

Thanks! ^^

9 Responses to What’s a great alcoholic punch for a small party?

  • Larry O says:

    Get a watermelon and drill a hole in it.Pour in a fifth of rum.Next day cut it 50/50 longways.It will leak a little.Don’t worry.Scoop a trough in the middle.Pour your favorite fruit juice in trough and ENJOY!

  • MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe says:

    A simple sangria always works –

    1part wine (red or white)
    1 part juice (same color as wine)
    1/3 part gin
    Club Soda to give a little fizz
    Cut up some fruit


  • missbellacherie says:

    Here is my sangria punch that I like to make and it is cheap!

    1 bottle of red wine
    1 bottle of lemon lime soda
    1 can of pineapple concentrate
    1 apple sliced thin
    1 orange cut in rounds
    1 pint of strawberries each cut in half
    Combine all in a punch bowl and allow to chill for at least 3 hrs to allow flavors of the fruit to mingle and absorb the wine. Guaranteed hit!

  • ? ? ? ??? ? says:

    jungle juice

  • valiant w says:

    Simple and plenty of kick. You should make this a day ahead for best results.

    1 bottle of bacardi 151 rum
    1 big bottle of hawiian punch
    All fruits can be substituted for personal taste.
    Honeydew melon

    Cut all fruit to bite size pieces. Soak fruit overnight with rum in the refrigerator. Just before the party. Add Hawiian punch. Serve in a punch bowl with ladel and cups.

  • Olivia D says:


  • Dan S says:

    Trust me this is a great cheap drink that will get you drunk and it tastes good! Get 30 LIGHT beers, 1 handle of vodka and one of those mixes with the sugar added. I think they make a few gallons (like big kool-aid ones around 3 bucks) Pour all those together and you have a punch! You can choose whatever flavor you want just buy that flavor koolaid – I suggest pink lemonaid!

  • JennPnut says:

    All you need is Fruit punch lost of it and Everclear (use with caution 98%). Make sure it’s not too strong. By far the cheapest way and you get wasted!

  • Kristen123 says:

    Here is a punch you can try to make…it’s tasty and there’s a drink calculator to figure out how much you need of each ingredient.


    Also you could try making sex on the beach or bay breeze in bulk…great punches and awesome drinks! Here are the recipes

    Sex on the Beach

    Bay Breeze

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