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(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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What Was The Most Controversial Moment In Professional Wrestling History?

From Everything That Has Occurred In Professional Wrestling History, What Was The Most Controverisal Moment? Details Are Appreciated. Thanks!

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18 Responses to What Was The Most Controversial Moment In Professional Wrestling History?

  • S k u l l says:

    #1 The Montreal Screwjob

    #2 Bash at the Beach 2000 with Hogan and Jarrett

    Russo was involved in an incident with Hulk Hogan; Hogan was booked to lose a match against reigning world champion Jeff Jarrett at Bash at the Beach in 2000, but Hogan refused to lose the match (invoking his contract’s "creative control" clause to override Russo), due to Russo’s apparent lack of direction for Hogan’s character following the planned loss. In the end, Jarrett literally "laid down" for Hogan, which resulted in Hogan doing a shoot on Russo and scoring the pinfall victory by placing his foot on Jarrett’s chest. Russo would come out later in the broadcast to nullify the result of the match, as he publicly fired Hogan. This action restored the title to Jarrett, which set up a new title match between Jarrett and Booker T.

    As Russo promised, Hogan never resurfaced in WCW and even filed a lawsuit against the company (which was dismissed in 2002). Russo claims the whole thing was a work (with both Hogan and Bischoff in on it); Hogan claims (in his autobiography, Hollywood Hulk Hogan) that Russo made it a shoot, and Hogan was double-crossed by Turner executive Brad Siegel, who did not want to use Hogan any more due to how expensive Hogan cost per appearance; and Bischoff, in his autobiography, Controversy Creates Ca$h, contends that Hogan winning and leaving with the title was a work which would result in his return several months later – the plan was to crown a new champion at Halloween Havoc, only for Hogan to come out afterwards and ultimately win a champion vs. champion match – but that Russo’s coming out to fire him was a shoot which led to the lawsuit filed by Hogan. Bischoff claims that he and Hogan celebrated after the event over the success of the angle, but were distraught to get a phone call saying that Russo interfered unplanned after Hogan left the arena.

    #3 Russo Rant

    watch it here.

    Hogan VS Jeff Jarret

    "Russo’s Rant"

  • USAhole says:

    The Montreal Screwjob. Without a doubt, that is the most controversial moment in WWE/WWF history.

  • Alexa-Jeff hardy fan? (real) says:

    the night Owen Hart died
    and the Montreal Screw Job

  • WWE is Jerchico says:

    the montreal screw-up

  • Psycho Dude 99 says:

    At first I thought of the screwjob, but that is not. Easily hands down it is the Chris Benoit incident. At least they constantly show videos of the screwjob. Ever since the incident no one has ever mentioned Chris Benoit or his family in WWE. That is big. The only thing I can recall that WWE doesn’t adress. They adressed WCW, how wrestling can be fake, how storylines are created, WCW and other organazations, how Owen Hart died. Everything but this incident. And I am mad at Benoit for it. Not only did he cause his family and friends pain, but also wrestling fans. Benoit is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in history and we can’t acknowledge any of his accomplishments now. One of the best pure wrestlers ever, One of the best US Champions ever, He came from the Hart Dungeon, His classic matches, The second greatest Mania match with HBK and HHH, and The greatest Mania moment when he won the world title at Mania 20. With complete neglect of Benoit in the wrestling world that is easily the most controversial moment in professional wrestling history.

  • Beast King says:

    When Owen Hart died and they continued the show.
    The Montreal Screwjob when the referee rang the bell when Bret Hart didnt even tap out.

  • BrownEyez says:

    Do you both inside and outside the ring.

    For me:
    When Chris Benoit killed his wife and son and himself.
    When I found out that Austin beat Debra.
    When I found out Stephanie McMahon had a nose job and breast implants.
    The Montreal Screw job

    Well that’s all that I can think of.

  • hbkrules says:

    the Montreal screw job was the most controversial Moment in wrestling cause many people felt that was the end of wwe and that wcw was to win. bret hart’s career was really infected by this and it was a big blow to wwf’s image. but did kick start attitudes era, so that was a good thing in many ways

  • Tommy Andretti says:

    Here’s my top 5 with descriptions even if you already know what they are…

    1. Chris Benoit Double Murder Suicide-Benoit killed his family and himself in 2007.
    2. Deaths of Superstars- Eddie Guerrero, Owen Hart, etc.
    3. Montreal Screwjob- Real life screwjob of Bret Hart in 1997.
    4. Vince Russo shooting on Hulk Hogan and kicking him out of WCW.
    5. Mass Transit Incident- Kid pretends to be a wrestler and gets beat up by ECW stars.

    Other ones that I would include are Katie Vick storyline (HHH necrophilia), WWF purchasing WCW, and Vince McMahon steroid trial.

  • Mister R says:

    The steroid trial from the early 90’s or Vince McMahon breaking kayfabe and saying that WWF is FAKE.

  • darkangel says:

    Chris Benoit death

  • Anakin says:

    I don’t really know if what Benoit did was controversial. Controversy suggests there are two sides: a right side and a wrong side. Was Bret Hart wrong for refusing to job to HBK? Was Vince wrong for screwing Bret out of the championship? Two sided arguement.

    Double murder-suicide is pretty one-sided. Benoit was wrong. If he hadn’t offed himself, he’d be sitting in a jail for killing his kid and wife and hopefully the inmates would rename him Christine Benoit and he’s be Big Bubba’s b****. I’m just saying.

    To answer the question though – I’m going with Bash at the Beach 1996 when Hogan turned heel and the audience redecorated the ring with trash. Wrestling hasn’t been the same since.

  • theguy says:

    chris benoit death owen hart death eddie guerrero death the montreal screwjob

  • Kelly says:

    1. Chris Benoit murder-suicide
    2. Montral Screwjob
    3. Owen Hart’s death

  • 13 Times The King of Kings says:

    Easily the Chris Benoit incident.

    I don’t think anything could be as controversial as what happened to Chris Benoit. Everything about this incident remains a mystery from how Benoit murdered his family and did suicide in the last moments of his life. We don’t have a clue about what Chris Benoit did and some loyal Chris Benoit fans have doubts if he really was the one that murdered his family. The Montreal Screwjob is definitely controversial because it was so confusing with Bret Hart, Earl Hebner, Vince McMahon, and Shawn Michaels. Everyone had some of their faults like Vince McMahon being the mastermind and not wanting Bret to leave WWF with the title and throw away the title. The Montreal Screwjob is still talked about and mentioned by wrestling fans, but the Chris Benoit incident isn’t mentioned in WWE or the fans.

    It is entirely shocking because Chris Benoit seemed like the quiet man who wouldn’t do such a thing. Everyone knew him as a kind hearted man who was extremely passionate about the wrestling business. It lowered fan expectation for Chris Benoit and he is now regarded as a cold blooded killer instead of one of the greatest in ring wrestlers in WWE history. Chris Benoit’s legacies have all been wiped out and all his memorable achievements such as winning the Royal Rumble, winning the world championship at Wrestlemania 20, and all his memorable matches have been wiped from WWE history. The Montreal Screwjob and other controversial moments are all mentioned by WWE whether its by commentating or reliving a moment. WWE has mentioned everything from WCW to Montreal Screwjob to wrestling being scripted and many things, but they have never said a word about Chris Benoit.

    Chris Benoit’s wrestling ability, his passion, his friendship, and his achievements have all been destroyed and they only live on in fan minds. Chris Benoit’s incident has changed everything from the Wellness policy to WWE getting sued. Chris Benoit lost his legions of admirers and at least Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart still have many of their respective fans. Everyone loved Chris Benoit before this incident, but he’s now hated and despised for his actions. His last few days overshadow his entire career.


    Continuing the Over The Edge PPV. I actually left after the Tragedy, almost everybody in the arena did. I guess there were enough people there to continue.

  • oldscholl88 says:

    The Montreal Screw job – It was 12 years ago and people are Still debating who was right and who was wrong

    Another moment was Vince continued Over the Edge 1999 after Owen had fallen to his death

  • five says:

    john cenas debut

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