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(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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what are some good ideas for halloween costumes without buying them?

what could be some good ideas for my 9 year old daughter’s Halloween costume but i don’t want to buy anything.

10 Responses to what are some good ideas for halloween costumes without buying them?

  • Dementia says:
  • anonymous says:

    My mom made a fairy princess costume for me when I was 6 years old out of an old bed sheet, some glitter, rhinestones, glue. She just cut up a sheet, sewed the side seams together by hand (didnt take too long on such a small costume) and tied the shoulders in knots. She cut the bottom of the dress so it had those decorative triangle points like Tinkerbell’s dress. We also cut out a star shaped wand from a cardboard box and used glitter, rhinestones, etc. It was all decorated with glitter, she used the glue to make designs on the dress and sprinkled the glitter everywhere before it dried. The only thing we bought for it was a cheap-o plastic tiara. I still remember this because it was a fun project helping her decorate the costume. It probably only cost her a couple bucks to make and it came out as a pretty neat costume!

  • can i hav yo number? says:

    if she plays any sports such as soccer she could go as a soccer player and just wear her jersey.

    different colored pillow cases work great if you tie a belt around them. you can fray the bottom and make it a Pocahontas costume or it could be used for a tinkerbell dress

    she could wear pj’s or a nightgown and mess up her hair and go as a bed head

  • Anna Nimity says:

    Be creative and have fun. Involve her in it. There has to be something in her wardrobe or yours that could carry off a concept. Your suit jacket and a briefcase? Instant office worker.
    Some sort of hat?
    Hobo is always a classic.
    Housewife with curlers in your hair and a coffee mug.
    Footie pajama and a baby blanket and a giant Binky.
    Tin foil…be the tin man.
    Accessories sometimes make the costume. Paint brushes and a beret.
    Gloves and garden tools
    rubber gloves and a feather duster
    be safe
    fake blood recipes are out there.
    Apron flour dust in hair and cookie cutters in hand.
    apron and a paper hat "would you like fries with that?"
    coveralls and a tool box..carpenter or plumber
    cushion stuck to her seat and a remote in her hand. couch potato. She could wear a burlap sack and really be a potato.
    Have fun. see what she comes up with.
    removable cast?
    glasses and books… librarian
    Is she skinny/ dress her as a q-tip
    Is she short? one of the 7 dwarfs?
    Is she tall? green leotards and tights and one of your colorful slips worn around the neck to look like a flower.
    Is she chubby? a toasted marshmallow? a grandma. (that’s me) we all get chubby.
    Play to her strengths. But have fun. and get her involved. There is nothing like a good Imagination.

  • Olivia ?? ? ? says:

    i’m a junior ti-cat cheerleader and i have to be a zombie for the halloween game

    things you will need:
    -old shirt and pants
    -paint (gray black maroon-dried blood- any other dark color)/grass/dirt (anything to make it look real)

    First the shirt. Take an old shirt preferably white take the bottom and cut random slits into it. Rip the slits to make then look ratty and worn. Do the same with the sleeves

    Next cut holes and rip them to make them look zombie-like then get paint the shirt in small light brushes. Cover the the shirt in dirt and grass stains to make it look like you have been buried for a long time! Put a long black shirt underneath so she doesn’t get cold

    Now the pants do the same to them and put so long black leggings underneath and you good to go

    Make up
    Black and white face paint

    cover your daughters face in light white face paint not too heavy or it will look bad then then cover her eyes in light black paint!

    Then she’ll be ready to go!

    Hope i helped sorry its so long

  • Carla S says:

    Just as another idea for halloween – treasure hunts are REALLY fun!!

    You can get a free halloween treasure hunt at http://www.treasurehunt.com.au

    Happy Halloween!

  • PAYB4918 says:

    if she has a favorite rockstar, she could probably find similar clothing and just redo the hair

  • Jackie says:

    You can start by picking out a dress or color for her to wear. Like if you have a purple dress you can make her a purple fairy with glitter, wings, wand, crown.

  • :) ***Lets Go Yankees*** <3 says:

    all you need is

    an orange t-shirt (plain)
    fabric markers or t-shirt transfer paper
    print the word ‘COSTUME’ on it
    wear black leggings
    black or orange shoes

    wa la!

  • goth queen says:

    you could always make one for her. don’t you think just get some fabric and some needles and threadand make her whatever she’s wanting to be.

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