Halloween II

(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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(Two-Disc Special Edition) (2007) Malcolm McDowell

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DreamWorks Halloween

Double Pack (Scared Shrekless / Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space)

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History of Halloween

The Haunted History of Halloween (History Channel) (A&E DVD Archives) (2005)

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Return to Halloweentown

(Ultimate Secret Edition) (2006) Sara Paxton

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The Day After Halloween

(Katarina's Nightmare Theater) Sigrid Thornton

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SpongeBob SquarePants

Halloween (1999) Tom Kenny

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Halloween III

Season of the Witch (1982) Tom Atkins

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Playhouse Disney Halloween

(Just Say Boo/A Spookie Ookie Halloween) (1998) Cole Caplan

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25 Years of Terror (2006) John Ottman

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What are some cute Halloween recipes?

I’m going to a small party at my friend’s house on Halloween night and want to bring a treat. Does anyone have any suggestions or recipes to use?

10 Responses to What are some cute Halloween recipes?

  • Pij? z Bogiem. Kochaj? Boga says:

    Black Cat Cupcakes
    Serving Size : 24 Preparation Time :0:10
    Categories : Holiday/Halloween

    Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
    ——– ———— ——————————–
    1 1/4 c Reduced Fat Oreo® cookie crumbs
    18 1/4 ozs reduced fat chocolate cake mix
    24 pcs Halloween Oreo® cookies
    16 ozs reduced fat milk chocolate frosting
    black string licorice
    jelly beans
    semisweet chocolate chips

    Preheat oven to 350. Prepare 24-2 1/2? muffin cups with cooking spray and flour; set aside. Prepare cake mix according to package directions; stir in cookie crumbs. Spoon batter into prepared muffin cups. Bake for 25 minutes.

    Remove from pans; cool on wire rack. Make cat faces on each of the remaining 24 cookies: using some frosting, attach 4-1 1/2? licorice string for whiskers, 2 jelly bean halves for eyes and 2 chocolate chips for ears. Let set at least 30 minutes. Frost cupcakes with remaining frosting. Stand cat faces on edge on each cupcake. Place 3? piece licorice string on back half of each cupcake for tail.
    Boogers On A Stick

    Recipe By
    Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time :0:00
    Categories : Halloween

    Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
    ——– ———— ——————————–
    8 ounces Jar cheez whiz
    Green food coloring
    25 To 30 pretzel sticks
    Waxed paper
    Long handled spoon

    With an adults help, melt the cheeze whiz in the microwave or on top of the stove, according to directions on the jar.

    Allow the cheese to cool slightly in the jar.

    Using a long handled spoon, carefully stir about three drops of green food coloring into the warm cheese, using just enough to turn the cheese a delicate snot green.

    To form boogers: Dip and twist the tip of each prtezel stick into the cheese, lift out, wait twenty seconds, then dip again. When cheese lumps reach an appealingly boogerish size, set pretzels, booger down, onto a sheet of waxed paper.

    Allow finished boogers on a stick to cool at room temperature for ten minutes or until cheese is firm. Gently pull boogers off waxed paper and arrange on a serving platter. Serves 5 to 6 booger buddies.

    Sicko Serving Suggestion: Place a bowl of chunky red salsa in the center of the platter so that guests can turn plain buggers into bloody ones.
    Frightfully Easy Ghost Cookies
    Categories : Cookies

    Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
    ——– ———— ——————————–
    12 Oz Vanilla-Flavored Candy Coating — Cut Into Pieces
    1 Lb Nutter Butter Cookies
    64 Miniature Chocolate Chips

    1. In small saucepan, melt candy coating over low heat, stirring constantly
    until smooth.
    2. Line cookie sheets with waxed paper. Holding cookies with tongs, dip entir
    top and side of each cookie into melted coating, letting excess drip off. Lay
    flat, coated side up, on waxed paper-lined cookie sheets. Place two chocolate
    chips in coating to form eyes. Let stand 10 minutes until set.
    32 cookies

    NOTES : I use white chocolate chips in place of the vanilla candy coating. It works great.

  • Aquamarine says:

    small cupcakes w/ pumpkin faces,

  • cj says:
  • scentsnflavors says:


    1 cup pumpkin
    1 egg
    1/2 cup any kind vegetable oil
    1 cup sugar
    2 tsp. baking powder
    2 cups all purpose flour
    1 tsp. cinnamon
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. baking soda
    1 tsp. milk
    1 tsp. vanilla
    1 cup white chocolate or butterscotch chips
    1/2 cup walnuts or pecans, chopped

    Preheat oven to 370°F.
    Note: If using butterscotch chips, try using butter rum extract or butterscotch schnapps instead of the vanilla for extra flavor.

    Blend pumpkin, egg, oil and sugar. Whisk together flour, cinnamon and salt; gradually add to first mixture. Dissolve the baking soda in milk and add to batter. Stir in chocolate (or butterscotch) chips, nuts and vanilla.

    Drop by the teaspoonful onto lightly greased baking sheets.

    Bake at 370°F degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Recipe can be doubled.

    Bake and freeze the extra cookies.

  • awommack says:

    pig in a blankent cup cake

  • KD -- says:

    I once did cupcakes and used red and yellow food dye to make the vanilla batter orange. Then for the middle, a fudge pudding surprise, piped in with a piping bag, and the rest of the pudding for the frosting. Orange and black colors, with orange sprinkles.

  • cr says:

    my neighbors just made a halloween gingerbread house. instead of white frosting he used gray, black, green and orange. he bought the halloween candy. little skulls, witches and candy corn. he even put a mini graveyard in the front yard!

  • Sum says:

    Check out http://sumiram2006.googlepages.com/dessert it has recipes for quite a few tasty desserts that can be prepared easily from home .

  • Kate T. says:

    ¼ cup butter, completely softened (Peanut butter eyeballs recipe)
    2 cups plus 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
    1 cup creamy peanut butter
    1½ cups toasted rice cereal (like Rice Krispies)
    12 ounces of white chocolate
    1 tablespoon vegetable oil
    Food coloring (two colors)

    Combine the butter, powdered sugar and peanut butter in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.

  • Vicki says:

    rice krispie treats. you can shape them into pumpkins while they are warm and place on wax paper for cooling. then after cool with frosting outline in orange and draw eyes, nose and mouth in black frosting.
    quick and easy and kids luv um

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