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Is this election really about social conservatism versus social liberalism?

It seems to me that the reason people are so pissed, peradventure the west hollywood guys who hung Gov Palin as a halloween decoration, are really voting and vocal about changing traditional values to reflect their own individual wills.

I don’t think its money or lack there of, rep or dem, black or white…. I think its a lib versus consv thing.

Its like this one is for how we think in America, more so than economy, national security etc.

What do you guys think?

8 Responses to Is this election really about social conservatism versus social liberalism?

  • Andy S says:

    You are brilliantly insightful.

    The last few years have not been so bad, when compared to history. Yes, we are at war, but we’re winning. More people die on the streets of Chicago and Newark each year than in Iraq.

    The economy is strong, despite the Democrats refusal to allow the Republicans to control wreckless and predatory lending policies. Despite the media’s irresponsible behavior in triggering panic.

    I have voted mostly Republican for the past 28 years because I believe in a strong defense, fiscal responsibility and smaller government.

    However, I am gay. Every gay person I know…and they number in the hundreds, is sick and tired of being treated like crap. Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act, Bush’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and the battles over the Employment Nondescrimation Act have us exhausted.

    So this election is all about EQUALITY. Barack Obama is an incompetent lying pig, in my not so humble opinion. However, when he screws the country – and he will; everyone will be equally screwed.

    A friend of mine recently reminded me of how differently people’s brains are wired. We were discussing various members of an organization we belong to, and how they handled certain situations. He asked, "Which are liberal arts majors? What did you expect?"

    And there you have it. Business people vote with their brains and usually vote Republican. Liberal arts people vote with their hearts and usually vote Democrat.

    This time is different, at least in my circles. My gay friends and my Republican friends are sick and tired of carrying the rest of the country. We pay the highest taxes. Most of us don’t have children draining the system, so we draw the least from society. Yet, we don’t have the right to marry. We can’t take advantage of the free college grants given to those who enlist in the military. We don’t have the right to freely live where we want or how we want. We can’t marry, or bequeath our belongings to our families. We can’t even bury our "spouses."

    So, this time I may give up and vote for higher taxes, the destruction of our medical system, and the dismantling of our military, just for the hope that at least a few of the 1,200+ rights that I am denied may be granted during my lifetime.

    What the heck? We’ll elect a Republican in 4 or 8 years to clean up the mess. We always do.

    It is time that the Republicans learn that granting rights to gays is the most CONSERVATIVE thing they could ever do in their lives.

    They must learn that gays love America, too. It is our country and we demand the right to protect her.

    They must learn that no one needs to lose their rights to grant us ours.

    Throwing away this election, as I predict we will, will be our way of demonstrating to the Republican Party that they are either with us or against us. There is no middle ground. Ain’t that right, W?

  • Kool Aid says:

    It’s about social conservatism versus social…ism

  • Lydia says:

    It’s about voting for a PATRIOT as opposed to a pariah

  • winnie says:

    I think you have an interesting point. I think this election is about different things for different people. But, at least to some extent, I think you are correct. Liberal vs. conservative. Which one will dominate? Which one does America want to be known as?

  • Melting Media EAC says:

    The neocons are adept at tossing abortion, sexuality and pornography into the mix.

    At their core, however, all elections are economic.Clinton rode a wave of anger and discontent to victory because he and his staff knew the economy was the voter’s biggest issue.

  • Mrs. Brown says:

    I think it is an issue of helping out Main Street instead of constantly bailing out Wall Street.

    The difference is that when a candidate wants to do something good for the middle class s/he is called a socialist. But in reality, this is simply a game of semantics.

    Barack Obama is a compassionate capitalist with great wisdom and intelligence. When elected he will begin to mend the torn fabric of our nation. Such change is not welcomed by the status qua…..hence all this negative smear campaign ads targeting Barack Obama instead of his ACTUAL plans to rebuild our diseased nation. Barack Obama will be our antibiotic which will help prevent further infection and restore our health and well being as a people, and as a nation.

  • ryakiddinme says:

    Yes, I think you are right. I think the main issue is Conservative vs. Liberal values. The economy and other issues are probably secondary to that. What I see is a lot of people not really researching the issues and just clutching onto a rumor or a bit of information and just repeating the same thing over and over. A lot of people have certain issues they are very emotional about and that are the decisive factor for them.

  • patrick w says:

    I think you’re right it’s about liberal vs conservative.

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