Halloween II

(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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How do you feel about passing out little Bibles to kids who trick or treat on Halloween?

On the one hand, Halloween is a pagan holiday but on the other it might be a good opportunity for truth.

21 Responses to How do you feel about passing out little Bibles to kids who trick or treat on Halloween?

  • Pfistulated Cow says:

    I highly recommend it for those who feel their home’s exterior suffers from a desperate lack of egg and toilet paper. The child’s drive to procure manufactured sugary treats for Halloween is a force not to be toyed with lightly.

  • Paranormal Kitty says:

    It’s slightly better than putting razor blades in the candy I guess.

    And "Halloween" is NOT a Pagan holiday. Samhain is a Pagan holiday. Halloween derives it’s name from All Hallows Eve, which was the day before All Saints Day, a holiday invented by Christians to convert Pagans.

  • Cyrus C says:

    thy will probably throw them at you

  • J says:

    Why do so many want to hand out that darn book. Just keep it to yourself.

  • Jon M dn ?p?s s??? says:

    I feel that, if you do, you should prepare to have your door egged and your front yard tp’ed.

    Just sayin.

  • Exodiafinder says:

    I’d be ok with it.

  • rt says:

    As a treat or a trick?

  • Denny M says:

    Well, the kids aren’t going to like it.

    And I think it’s ridiculous anyway. I’m sure most Christians would be upset if there kid came home with a tiny Qu’ran, or Book of Mormon, etc.

  • Emma says:

    thats a sin.
    come on now..its HALLOWEEN.
    kids want candy not bibles.

  • Paul M says:

    If you hand out tracts to kids on Halloween, the kids will think they have been tricked and will find difficulty in considering the truth of Jesus.
    Try this. Hand out the largest candy bars you can find. Just go out and talk to the parents as their children exclaim about the candy bar.

  • MOnkey hearted boy says:

    Candy is good, but it rots your teeth. the Bible is not good, and it rots your spirit, will power, intelligence, ability to reason and think for yourself etc. but at least you got your shiny teeth.

  • blazeland69 says:

    Bad idea.

  • Christian says:

    I’ve recently thought about this myself&I think you should pray about it. If you’re sure this is what you want to do, there is a great website where you can order gospels of John. They come in different designs that will be interesting to kids&adults.

  • Lady K says:

    If you would feel okay if someone gave your children a Quran, a Torah, or any other religious sacred book for Halloween, then I see no problem with it.

  • magpieix A.L.M.N. says:

    I think it’s petty and mean-spirited, but to each their own.

  • CD says:

    You’re mistaking Halloween for Samhain. And if you really look at it, Christmas takes from Pagan beliefs. Jesus was born in the summer, and a Christmas tree is a Pagan thing too.

    To address your question, don’t you think kids would be a little disappointed getting a book on the day that they’re supposed to be getting candy? Kids don’t appreciate books, whether it’s the Bible or not, until they are much older. I would rather have people give out toothbrushes than a Bible because at least a toothbrush would be used rather than a Bible that they would probably toss in the back of their closets. I’m also quite sure that getting a bunch of Bibles would be a lot more expensive than getting Halloween toothbrushes in bulk at dollar store.

    I also don’t think parents would appreciate another person forcing their religion onto their child.

    But that’s just what I feel.

  • purplegirl88 says:

    Not a good idea for a number of reasons:
    1. Definitely not cost effective. How much would it cost you per bible?
    2. You would offend non-Christians (being Jewish, I would be offended)
    3. If you see the bible as holy, do you really want to risk it being disrespected? Chances are, if the person who receives it is not Christian, they will not treat it with the same respect that you would. I am very careful about lending people my Siddur and try not to throw anything out with G-d’s name in it, but would you be as respectful to my Siddur, which is a prayerbook of the Jewish Faith, as you are with your bible? I might or might not throw out a bible, I might just give it away or refuse it at the door, but not everyone would.

    I think that you should just stick to candy, or something a little healthier, but wrapped if you want to give something out.

  • Ari says:

    well being as the fact that I want candy, i would egg the shit out of your house.

  • marksbrat1983@yahoo.com says:

    Personally I wouldn’t, it may offend.

  • ?o??s says:

    No, that’d be a good chance you get your house TP’d or egged. It’s Halloween, kids want candy…not chick tracts.

  • Christine says:

    Is there ever a bad time to spread God’s word? Though people may ridicule you for doing so. But all through history christians have been ridiculed and laughed at. If parents don’t want their kids to have them, they can get rid of them. But there could be a few out there that appreciate it. I know I would.

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