Halloween II

(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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(Two-Disc Special Edition) (2007) Malcolm McDowell

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DreamWorks Halloween

Double Pack (Scared Shrekless / Monsters vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space)

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History of Halloween

The Haunted History of Halloween (History Channel) (A&E DVD Archives) (2005)

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Return to Halloweentown

(Ultimate Secret Edition) (2006) Sara Paxton

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The Day After Halloween

(Katarina's Nightmare Theater) Sigrid Thornton

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SpongeBob SquarePants

Halloween (1999) Tom Kenny

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Halloween III

Season of the Witch (1982) Tom Atkins

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Playhouse Disney Halloween

(Just Say Boo/A Spookie Ookie Halloween) (1998) Cole Caplan

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25 Years of Terror (2006) John Ottman

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I for one can’t wait for halloween. Because the kids dressing up going trick or treating,There are some fun and interesting things for us big kids.
But I have been warn about this bad Holiday.
So I want everyone to tell me what halloween means to them? symbols? history? dressing up and in what? And can you tell why some people are so up tight about this holiday? and any thing else that you feel that will tell me about Halloween?

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  • Kishimojun says:

    My husband and I love Halloween so much it is our wedding anniversary. We were married, by a preacher, in costume and it was a whole lot of fun! People who were there are still talking about it. As an atheist myself, I celebrate all societal holidays, Halloween, Xmas, etc. because I love the chance to let my artistic side out. Any holiday only has the meaning you choose to attach to it.

  • Jillbean says:

    I am in the US so there is the dressing up and trick or treating. We have the alter of the dead and its a day to honor them. Lots of food too. It’s not evil. For Christians its th day before All Saints day. For Pagans its the biggest holiday of the year.

  • Julia D says:

    It means candy. Lots and lots and lots of candy.

    Nothing else matters.

  • patrone07 says:

    halloween represents and promotes death, the occult, evil, satan, demons, etc. If you think about, It is against Christian teachings.

  • LADYBUG says:

    halloween is evil from satan. it deals with satan. its satans night. evil

  • Jack says:

    Its fun, though some say it is a sinful holiday. However, children, including mine, think nothing of the "devil" or whatever. They just want to dres up like their favorite character, stay up late, and eat way too much candy. When i was a kid, the schools had Halloween parties. They dont do this anymore, they call them Harvest Bizarres. It got too political, just let the kids have fun.

  • V Dezzed says:

    Being someone else for a night and free candy.

  • Riegan says:

    i’m pagan (eclectic witch), so it has special meaning to me. it is the time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, so it’s a very magickal time, and it happens to be the most important of the sabbats and we call it Samhain

    we do the normal stuff like take the kids trick or treating and what not, but we also have a wonderful ritual and great feast!

    now you have ME all excited about it LOL

  • Mixed Blessing says:

    It is a fun holiday, that has pagan beginnings.

  • Linda R says:

    See the wonderful website below.

    As the church has done with so many things, she plopped All Saints and All Souls Day on top of a pagan celebration to get the people to stop celebrating it. Clearly that did not work.

    The word Halloween comes from All Hallows Even or evening. Over time it became Halloween. Hallowed means holy.

  • Phoenix says:

    Halloween is based on the Pagan holiday Samhain, which originated from the Celts, and is the Celtic New Year’s Eve, also the festival of the dead.

    Many traditional Christians do not celebrate Halloween due to its Pagan heritage, and that some practices are still reminisent of Pagan practices.

    Click on the link below for more.

  • Patricia says:

    to me….its all about dressing up in costumes, getting candy, and having a great time!!

  • Emily says:

    I personally believe since it has been celebrated since known history that it was the time of the flood. The first time God took action against the bad angels. Genesis 6 jude 6 shows the angels forsook their positions in heaven to come down and live with women something God never intended them to do. The story about Jack O’ Latern in the Encarda stated it was as the legend goes the time God threw Jack out of heaven and he was forced to wonder the earth carrying a latern.
    We do know that God threw them out of heaven and caused the flood, to destory their hybred offspring.
    The costume represents the putting on of a human body.
    being someone they were not. A human being and since they could have any women they chose, it stands to reason they made good looking men.
    It also has devils and witches and a themn of the underworld.
    It has been and always will be associated with Satan the devil. dead people, pain, and suffering.
    None of which has anything to do with a loving creator.
    Why would someone who professes to believe in God want to have anything to do with this holiday?

  • atheist says:

    My mom (a devote Christian) loved Halloween. She loved the walking around, meeting people, and sense of community (I grew up in a small town, so there were lots of community activities). She also thought a good scare once in a while was healthy. I love Halloween because she did. She would get very upset with Christians who said Halloween was devil worship. She thought it was good, clean fun.

  • tebone0315 says:

    In 835, Pope Gregory IV moved the celebration for all the martyrs (later all saints) from May 13 to November 1. The night before became known as All Hallow’s Even or “holy evening.” Eventually the name was shortened to the current Halloween. On November 2, the Church celebrates All Souls Day.

    The purpose of these feasts is to remember those who have died, whether they are officially recognized by the Church as saints or not. It is a celebration of the “communion of saints,” which reminds us that the Church is not bound by space or time.

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that through the communion of saints “a perennial link of charity exists between the faithful who have already reached their heavenly home, those who are expiating their sins in purgatory and those who are still pilgrims on earth. Between them there is, too, an abundant exchange of all good things” (#1475).

  • Kaldea says:

    Let’s see… Halloween…. This was originally called Sahmain, a pagan holiday of Harvest. The Christians took it over and called it All Hallows Eve then later Halloween. Dressing up was in ancient times a way to hide from demons a way to confuse them. Candy was more of a modern tradition. I happen to like Halloween because it’s the only time I can dress up in costumes without people staring at me in discust because I am "too old for such nonscence" (as if THAT would stop me!) It is the religious fanatics who don’t like kids (or adults) to have any fun! They are like the puritons in the colonisies who banned any kind of celebrations on the idea that fun is the devil’s way of corrupting people! These are the same people who burn books and would love to have us all dress in drab clothes and be locked in our little cubical style houses with no real imagination because that too is from the devil…. Funny how that reminds me of how Hitler took over everything. First it was books, then guns then religion, and finally the people VOTED away all their rights and were easily taken over because they were told this was for their own good!….. ooops, sorry, getting back on my soap box for my rights again. Anyway, like I said, I LOVE Halloween and hate it when people tell me it is the devil’s playground next they will be saying that if you go to the movies you will be going to hell. Sorry, hope this helps. Look up the books about the past, not some of the recient history books, but the older ones, or maybe compare the old with the new and see what is no longer there about our history and that of our holidays. It will make an interesting read.

  • elegantelephants2 says:

    halloween is an irish custom.its called oiche samhain.it began before christianity when people feared the approaching dark winter nights.they believed on halloween night that the barrier between the land of the living and the land of the dead would open,so to appease wandering ghosts they always left an empty chair at the table with a plate of food and a cup of drink.they feraed that if they neglected this that they would be cursed.years later when they no longer believed this children would go for door to door collecting fruit,nuts and coins commerating the ghosts.it was not trick or treating as such but in the last few years children now receive sweets,crisps and chocolate.the carved pumkin lantern came from the story jack o’lantern who was kicked out of heaven or something and left to roam earth with his lantern.
    i’m irish and i hate they way americans highjack my country’s traditional custom.some christians complain about its pagan roots but no one believes that and its now just a commeration of our past customs.

  • Mark T says:

    To me it means none of that. It means a night of fun and horror. I heard that the only reason we wear Scary Costumes is to scare off the evil spirits. But Halloween is just fun and harmless.

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