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(Collector's Edition) (1981) Jamie Lee Curtis

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Alcoholic drinks for a black and white theme?

for my best friends wedding reception, she is wanting to do 2 "signature drinks" or whatever.

one black, one white.

the black (really black in color) drink ideally in a tall straight glass, to symbolize the groom.

the white drink (really white in color) ideally in a feminine, pretty glass, like cosmo or martini…. to symbolize the bride.

any and all ideas would help! thank you in advance!

6 Responses to Alcoholic drinks for a black and white theme?

  • Jakarta Worker says:

    Black & White Russians seem too cliché.

    I recommend using Blavod (Black Vodka)
    You can substitute for it in any recipe for regular vodka. And it makes the complete drink black. Great for your event or Halloween parties. It tastes like Skyy Vodka.

    One tall drink I can think of with vodka would be a Long Island. But I’m sure you don’t want to have people getting totally blitzed at your friends wedding.

    Try "Heart of Heart"
    2½ oz Blavod Vodka
    1 oz Chambord or creme de cassis
    1 oz dry vermouth
    1 dash Cointreau
    Shake and serve in a tall glass. Float some extra Cointreau on top. You normally would garnish it with blackberries but I would do lychees since they’re white.


    "Love Birds"
    1½ oz Blavod Vodka
    2 oz sweet and sour mix
    1 dash dark rum
    ½ oz grenadine syrup
    Shake & serve in a tall glass. Again the normal garnish is a cherry but I recommend the lychees.
    (This drink may end up looking a bit muddy because of the sour mix. But I’m sure you’re going to taste test before you choose your final drinks.)
    But they both have appropriate names fitting of a wedding.

    A clear cocktail I know of is a Naked Cosmo.
    White Cranberry juice is used instead of regular cranberry juice.

    For a white cocktail how about:
    White Chocolate Martini
    1½oz. Three Olives Chocolate OR Vanilla infused Vodka
    1oz. Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
    ½oz. light cream.

    You would normally garnish with a cherry, but since the theme is black & white, how about a black cherry?

  • jautomatic says:

    black Russian and white Russian is one option.

    Sheridan’s is a black liqueur and a white liqueur that are packed together in a twin bottle.

  • nita says:

    Jack Daniels and Vodka

  • mindy says:

    I think to symbolize the groom would be a black russian, which is vodka and kaluha. And for the bride a white russian, which turns cream. And is made with vodka, kaluha and cream/milk. And they are very delicious drinks and also upscale.

  • citygirl says:

    For the black drink she can make a tall black martini using black-colored Blavod vodka.

    3 1/2 oz Blavod vodka
    1/2 oz blackberry brandy or black raspberry liqueur (or any flavored liqueur such as coffee, chocolate etc..)
    lemon twist or black olive for garnish

    Cola, black vodka and blackberry syrup is also very tasty. It taste like a fancy cherry cola.

    For the white drink she can have a wide variety of drinks that use milk/cream, vodka and flavored liqueurs.
    See link below for some great recipes.

  • pattsywattsy says:

    Black Russian & pina colada

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